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Enjoy a Modern Look and Extra Storage

The most useful kitchen cabinets are those that are both stylish and spacious. That's the kind of cabinetry that Brian J McGarry Interiors offers to you. We also complement your kitchen and bath design with top quality plumbing and lighting products.

Kitchen Cabinets


The design solution to maximizing limited storage space is convenient, comfortable access to every square inch. To best utilize your room, cabinets should have no wasted space in their design. Although wonderfully artisanal when used with inset doors, framed cabinets waste 1½" of more usable space across their fronts than frameless cabinets. That works out to 900 cubic inches of storage loss in every drawer base.

Our firm uses frameless, Euro-inspired cabinets in nearly all of our installations. We source these cabinets from a selection of manufacturers, using the best products for the client's needs. Our main cabinet manufacturer is Kountry Kraft Kitchens, Inc.™ Founded in 1959, this family-owned company produces wonderful cabinets that can be easily customized to maximize cabinet usefulness.

Other Decorating Products

Any products specified by Brian J McGarry Interiors will be of excellent quality, and their performance and reliability should return any investment made. We have access to nearly any product on the market and lean heavily on those manufactured in America and Europe. Excellent producers such as Kohler™ and Grohe™ have lifetime warranties on their products and are very helpful with any possible issues with them. Rely on us to educate you about plumbing products that make the least impact on our world's resources and to recommend green products. We provide energy-efficient lighting, fixtures, and appliances with up-to-date technology.