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Small Kitchen and Bath Design

Small kitchen and bath design is a specialty at Brian J. McGarry Interiors; we can help you get the most function out of your reduced space.

Small Kitchen

Function and accessibility come first. The space needs to allow for all of the activities in the room to flow naturally without people interfering with each other and without clutter. Pre planning the layout to allow for each task makes even a small kitchen design work well.

When designing a large kitchen nearly any appliances will work; small spaces need smaller appliances. Small kitchens also benefit greatly from the use of custom cabinets, allowing for maximum use of the space.

Here we used a 30” wide counter depth refrigerator to keep the small kitchen open; we also made the sink base cabinet a custom width to fit perfectly between the two functioning lazy susan cabinets in the corners with no use of fillers.

This small kitchen benefited from well planned full extension storage and a built in 30 inch refrigerator.

Small bathroom design comes down to enhanced storage. Full extension drawers built around the plumbing in a small vanity allow easy access to all of those little bathroom items.


A well designed medicine cabinet can hold all of those items that normally clutter up a small bathroom. This one even has a plug strip to keep those electric appliances charged and off the counter top.

Think of Brian J. McGarry Interiors when you want to get the most out of your small kitchen and small bathroom design. We know the products and the methods that will benefit you the most.

Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Vanity