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Small Space Interior Design

Designing for small spaces is a specialty here at Brian J. McGarry Interiors;
we can help you live comfortably with our expertise in small space design.

Living Room

For those of us with more modest incomes living space is becoming more and more precious. The result is smaller and smaller living spaces; we need to plan our interiors well, to maximize our lives within them. Some new apartments here in the Alexandria, VA, Washington DC are as small as 350 square feet. The use of easily moveable and flexible design elements are necessary for successful small space design.

Here we maximized the width of this narrow living room by installing custom floating shelves. The electronics and media storage is all in the cabinet under the window; all of the connecting cables to the television and speakers were run through the basement and up through the wall. We allowed space behind the sofa for traffic through the room to avoid passing in front of people seated in the sofa. Small space design was of maximum importance as there are no other communal rooms in this house.

The small coffee tables and the striped lounge chairs are easily moveable to service many different seating options; note the wicker basket under one of the chairs for reading material storage.

Brian J. McGarry Interiors can help you with small space design to help you live more comfortably in today’s smaller square footage homes.

Living Room